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Most people have heard of the saying it takes a village to raise a child. I find that to be very true especially in this day and time. I thank God for placing four special women in my life. They each had a major role in my life. My mother, because she accepted the fact that she needed help raising her children and couldn't do it alone. To my oldest sister, Mary Francis, who did her very best with what she had to provide for us. She gave us lots of love and believed in strict discipline. My aunts Carrie and Mamie who also provided me with love, shelter, clothes, food, a good education and the most important of all, a good religious background. I could never repay any of you for what you've given me. Thank you for all of your support and surrounding me with a village that helped me along the way. With Love Ethel

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Simple and Easy CookBook

This simple E-book is for the Generation X, Millennials & Generation Z. These groups of people usually will not cook, and they order out most of the time. They have a very willing spirit to help pay for food, but not to cook. Every person should have at least 5 meals they can cook. Either to impress someone or to know that they can do this. Taste and presentation of the dish is extremely important. So the perfect way to show your skills is with this Simple and Easy Cookbook. Happy Cooking!